We are living in unprecedented times. On one hand the vast complexity of our economic systems are delivering abundance and profit on a global scale. On the other hand the very complexity which makes this possible is being threatened by the recent instability in financial markets. Some companies win and some companies lose as these major changes occur.

Historically greater efficiency has been the way to capitalize on an expanding market or a contracting one. However when there are sudden changes or shocks in the business environment the quality you suddenly need is resilience.

Many business continuity firms will discuss your standing relative to point risks: a flood, or the oscillation in the price of one basic commodity. We, on the other hand, will take you through the territory related to systemic risks - things which may happen to the entire country or even the world, and affect your company at the same time they affect everybody else. Both your customers and your suppliers can bring new problems to your door in such challenging times.

As we have seen with book retail and airlines, companies which adapt to the future rapidly expand their market share into the territory once held by their now-bankrupt competitors. In the financial sector, century-old brands have changed hands for pennies on the dollar.

The winners and the losers are determined by what companies did during the good times, not just by their behavior once the emergencies hit. Preparing your company to make the best of discontinuous change requires a change in outlook beyond the domain of ordinary consulting.

To catalyze that change in your company, you need Buttered Side Down.

Our initial situation assessment service for substantial enterprises, business or government, takes about a month and costs £20,000.

If your senior management team would like to contact us to discuss working together, we make excellent coffee, or can discuss matters with your team by telephone at your convenience. But you will miss our coffee.