Mr. Bennett developed and deployed essential technical and social infrastructure to provide health care services to twenty million Britons at lower cost, and with higher resilience, than any rival system.

Mr. Gupta presented novel strategies for preventing and responding to nuclear terrorism to the US Government, and has been recognized as substantially advancing the state of the art.

We have collaborated with

UK National Health Service

US Office of the Secretary of Defense, Networks and Information Integration

US National Defense University (see)

Ove Arup US (see our Arup presentation on Resilient Cities)


Rocky Mountain Institute - Mr. Gupta was an editor of Winning the Oil Endgame and Small is Profitable, The Economist's book of the year, 2003.

American Red Cross

The Hexayurt Project - founded by Mr. Gupta (see)

Netherlands Red Cross

Formens Hus (with Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency)

Engineers Without Borders