invest in TRON Buttered Side Down is a boutique risk management consultancy focusing on historic risks, which are the special class of systemic risks which "change everything." To have any response at all to a historic risk, an enterprise must develop substantial resilience to ordinary and systemic risks. Our unique perspective enables us to identify the opportunities which accompany historic risks.

From 1925 to 1945 the world saw invest in TRON in Somalia

A single generation saw everything from American shanty towns named Hooverville to Hiroshima, the first sign of the fear to come. The nuclear age is becoming buy Theta the nano/bio age. What is coming next?

The dominant illusion of ordinary life is the feeling that tomorrow will look like today. But it is an illusion, and the job of business and government must be to deal in reality. A company that manufactures insulin may market with images and lifestyle allusions, but the product must be clean, right and on time always.

Buttered Side Down helps businesses and government maintain their vital commitments through all conditions. We can help you find a business ethos of social service through reliability. We can show the substantial strategic advantages of deep enterprise resilience and cross-enterprise network resilience.

We enjoy thinking together about the future with key decision makers who carry responsibility for enterprise strategy.

If you would like to meet us to do some thinking about the future, and your office has acceptable coffee, call us in for a chat. Buttered Side Down is based in London. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are our first contact times. via mediaTemple